Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Quilt Block Finished.

I cut this block out during my quilting class on Friday - I dug them out of my quilting bag Monday night. On Friday morning I am going to get all my completed blocks together and see what else I need to do I hope to have 25 blocks I am thinking 5 by 5 blocks ...

Hard to believe that this will become a 12 inch square of fabric!
Step two - was pinning, it took a lot of pinning. I decided to do this block by hand as my sewing machine is acting up and I am not used to my new sewing machine yet ...
In pairs - all laid out on my ironing board,
Now I have to decide ton the layout ...
I went with the last photo -

Can you see the birds ?

My knitting did not want to be left out !
Have a lovely evening - the sun is now shining through my lounge window I am enjoying it!
Chat soon.
(One more sleep until hubby is home !)

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