Monday, May 04, 2009

Bradford-on-Avon Canal.

Yesterday was another lovely day for a walk. We decided to go and feed the ducks / one swan (!) at Bradford-on-Avon Canal. Under the railway track - we were waiting for a train to come while we were under the bridge - but one never appeared. So on we
walked. We came across these little ducklings - they were brave and came right out to us.
Trees and clouds - can you tell I love them both ?

Then it was the turn of the dandelions ....

On the way back to the park my two still were not tired (!!!!)
More trees - it was all lovely and green.

I sent my two up a hill to burn off some energy .... not sure it worked though.

A bridge over the river - we saw some rowers - and Luke was very worried about the 'slaves' being told what to do by the lazy person on the end (LOL!)

The new swing (for us) at the park, my two loved it
A great day was had by all ... not sure what we will do today - I need to go to town and I need to do the grocery shopping - but I really want to sew .... we will see what happens later !
Have a great Monday - hope you are all enjoying your day off !
Chat soon - XXXX

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Penny said...

Stop it! I long to come back and visit with my friends who live on the canal at Sandbach, Cheshire. The most wonderful trip of my life. Travelling the Canals was not only an experience but one amazing history lesson.