Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First BBQ of the Year ...

And the first really hot , beautiful day.
Luke and his Daddy lying on the slide, relaxing before our guests arrived.
A very busy garden full of people and objects related to a BBQ !

Luke was left in charge of the BBQ - no really he was BBQ'ing marshmellows (YUMMY!) I had mine done for me (Bliss!) Made on a stick of Rosemary = double yummy!

Aunty Abi had a go on the trampoline, it looks like she was having fun !

Anna-Kate having fun in the new sprinkler toy we bought - she did get soaking wet.

Serious card games were played by most of us !
The three men - grandson, son-in-law and grandpa.

Father and son sitting in the shade.

The ladies - my sister, my daughter and my Mum - we had a lovely day just relaxing, not too much cooking (well dad cooked the gammon last night for five hours and got up at silly o'clock to get it out of the oven! Well Done Dad it was delicious - had some for supper too !)

Abi took this photo of me - we were talking about America's Next Top Model - I was smiling with my eyes! LOL ....

And then we all did some fierce poses !

We had a good laugh all day ! It was fantastic. I am know sitting and knitting - very relaxing.
Chat soon !

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