Sunday, May 03, 2009

Where has this week gone ?

I can not believe that it is Saturday evening already !
We had lovely weather today - so I had to mow the lawn as it was turning into a jungle out there ! Then Luke remembered we had bought a paddling pool a while ago so out that came - and we blew, and blew and blew ....
They were a little bored after five minutes so this is what they did ...

I watched like a hawk - very worried about broken bones.
I began my clam shell quilt block. For some reason I have not wanted to start this block but so far so good - 4 attached 12 to go !

Am trying to watch Britain's Got Talent at the moment - but I have two chatterboxes sitting next to me so it is hard work !!!
Here are my two watching TV with me !
I will try to blog tomorrow - all being well.
Chat Soon XXXX

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Dawn Heese said...

I'm in Missouri, so no pools for us yet. Wondering what your temperatures are like there now.