Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Australian Zoo, Steve Irwin Zoo.

We decided to go to Australia zoo on Monday as most of the Australian schools were back at school - so it would just be the tourists going.
We had an early start as it was quite a long drive - but an easy drive - all open roads. As soon as we arrived there were animals out and about - here is Luke holding a crocodile.
Lunch - not for us - for this huge crocodile !
There were warning signs everywhere - telling us to be careful,
Of course there were lots of crocodiles about - as it is winter they were a little 'slow' still wouldn't want to bump into one though !
We were very lucky and got to feed the elephants - here is Anna-Kate feeding the elephant (you have to trust me - she is wearing pink tracksuit pants). Here is Luke feeding the elephants, you can see Anna-Kate walking off in the background.
After feeding the elephants we went over to the crocoseum to watch an animal demonstration.
The show began with a beautiful display of different birds - the flash of colour here is a large type of parrot - all lovely reds and blues. They had even trained a stork to fly in from another area to us here it is landing - as they need a long take off area the bird had to walk off the 'stage' Here comes the star of the show - I can not remember his name but it almost had a bite of Steve Irwin.
Here he is in action -
After the show there were snakes out and about - here is Luke touching one - you can see Anna-Kate's hair on the side - she was interested but not too interested !
We stopped for lunch then - at lovely tables huge pieces of wood,
Then we went to feed the kangeroos - some lovely German ladies gave my 2 some food to feed them -. My 2 enjoyed being with the kangeroos -
After the kangeroos we found the elephants -
There were lovely statues scattered about the zoo -
To get back to the beginning we had to go through the kangeroos again, Here is a nice pic of my two - hanging about with a giant tortoise ! And posing with the Irwin Family -
On the way home I had to get a picture of this 'mountain' it looked as if someone had just put it there !
A big bridge we went across-

It was a lovely day out. I can not believe it was 2 weeks ago - time does fly ! Chat soon XXXX

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