Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Three in Australia - our first rainforest walk.

We decided to go for a walk in the Tamborine Mountains today - near to where they filmed 'I am a celebrity - get me out of here' . There were lots of scary heights and I had to keep reminding Luke not to run too far ahead of us! Luckily the path winds so if he were to fall he would land on the path - here is a pic I took - I was on the path above the boys.

Having a break on the hike - the weather was lovely, sunny but not too hot to walk.
Anna-Kate hanging around on a root of a tree she could swing on it !
This was a lovely tree - absolutely huge - here are my family at the base of the tree.
My arty take on the roots - love the colours of the tree... Another of my favourite arty pics taken in the rain forest,
A waterfall - look how tall the trees are - we were high up ! The views were breath taking.
We stopped for lunch at a lovely picnic spot -
On the way home - Greg stopped to buy some avocados from the side of the road.
Day four to come later ! I hope you are enjoying the Australian updates.
Chat soon XXXX

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