Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday in Australia -

Today we had a quiet day - Greg went into Brisbane to see an agency about work. We stayed at home to have a lie in - then just spent the morning next to the pool. Greg came back around lunch time and we went to a local park - for a walk, there was som interesting play equipment there - here is the see saw, and there was a sliding type of monkey bars -
Wandering about the playground were these birds loved their tail plummage -
In the pond there were ducklings - I thought this strange for winter but maybe they can breed all year round in the warmth of Brisbane?
My 2 little monkeys (and Greg) found a lovely HUGE tree to climb - Went back to the apartment for a swim then supper.
On Wednesday Greg went back to Sydney for his second round of interviews, we saw some window cleaners - I wouldn't do their job for anything !
We had a strom that night - well just lightening - no rain or thunder - here is the storm building - and the one photo I was able to take of the lightening -

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