Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Last Days on Holiday In Australia.

The last few days in Australia were a bit of a blur - trying to pack and enjoy the sunshine at the same time !

I think we spent the time mainly next to the pool, on the beach and at the botanical gardens.
Here is the hotel - this is the side with all the stunning views - we were in the third floor from the TOP - very high up!
Proof that my little boy can now hold his breath underwater - here he is underwater in the hot tub. and here he is jumping into the pool, he was having so much fun in the pool by the time we left.
Anna-Kate and I doing handstands in the pool - we were just having a day of fun ! Little Miss Anna-Kate jumping int to the pool ....
Greg getting arty - here is Croccie -
After all the swimming we went to the beach and had a lovely ice cream each ! Here are some of the photos of the sea and seagull -

Here is Anna-Kate waving at us all !
The last day - we went back to the botanical garden as it was lovely there,
Here we all are enjoying the garden and the sun, Luke looking at the fish - love that you can see his reflection in the water.My little monkey climbing on the play equipment,

We saw a water dragon (I think)
On the way back to the apartment to pack.
Leaving Australia - thank-you for a lovely two weeks - who knows we might be back very soon !

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