Monday, August 24, 2009

Our First Weekend in Australia.

On Saturday we went to a Botanical Garden fairly close to where we were staying. It was very peaceful - and would be a lovely place to have a picnic or BBQ. There were huge ponds, wooden walks, play parks and a sensory garden.

Oh and some fountains to - here we are posed in front of them !
I love this photo of my two - Luke is eagerly looking at the fish and Anna-Kate is posing for the photo ! Luke was very excited about seeing all the fish - as you can see croccie came with us for the walk. There were some beautiful flowers around the Gardens - including this familiar one (to us South Africans!) We even had it in our garden when I lived at home with my parents! There were some statues of Australian animals around the Garden too -
I had to take a picture of the pineapple growing - don't think I have ever seen one growing !
I think that this might make a nice quilt - something to think about anyway !
Sunday we went back to the rainforest - this was another section and it was not so high - much more flat .... Here is Greg next to another big tree -
And here is my little model ....
We even saw a parrots nest - it was very big and very high up !
Hubby was very good at taking photos this holiday - so I have proof I was there !!! Here is one of me and Luke together.
Two arty shots of the wood / trees -
My 2 little monkeys - acting like ummmm monkeys -
We came across a lovely quiet stream and an even quieter pool -

All in all it was a lovely family weekend. Chat soon XXXX

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