Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Four .... of the Australian Holiday.

Greg had to go to Newcastle - just outside of Sydney for his first interview today - so we had to entertain ourselves. We spent the day next to the pool and on the beach - it was a hard life LOL !

Here is Anna-Kate on the beach - enjoying the sunshine. The tall building on the beach front was huge - apparently according to locals it is the second tallest residential building in the world. It has 76 floors I think and you could go up in a lift to a glass viewing ledge. Surprisingly I turned that offer down - I have a horrible fear of heights !
Anna-Kate and Luke worked hard on this sand castle - they had hoped that the sea would fill up their moat !
Back at home in the swimming pool - Luke becoming braver with his noodle - we had to bring the noodle home he became so attached to it !
Sunset as seen from our apartment window.
Day Five in Australia - Greg had to go to Sydney today for more job interviews so we spent Friday next to the pool and on the beach.
Here are Anna-Kate and Luke enjoying lunch by the pool.

According to Luke it takes 7 minutes for your food to empty from your tummy so we didn't have long to wait until we could swim again !
Anna-Kate relaxing after a busy day on her bed !
Chat more tomorrow ! XXXX

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Kathryn said...

Looks like you had a brlliant time, all the photos are realy good i love the arty ones.....good luck on making the picture into a quilt!