Friday, August 21, 2009

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Today hubby and I decided to go to a Koala Sanctuary. The day was sunny and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was beautiful.

Here is Luke with the river behind him.
Greg took a picture of me and Anna-Kate as well ....

Obviously there were loads of koalas there - they are very sleepy creatures.

A peacock joined us for lunch - there were lots of birds enjoying crumbs accidentally dropped!

Some more koalas -
Luke and Anna-Kate were able to hold a koala. We bought lovely photos of them holding the koala. The koala which Anna-Kate held took a liking to her plaits!

After the koalas we visited the kangeroos and wallabies - the 2 children loved being able to stroke them ! And they both took great photos of the animals themselves!

We saw a lot of mummy kangeroos with the joeys in their pouches very interesting.

Here is a photo taken by Anna-Kate of me, Greg and Luke.

Chat soon folks - have to get going for the day here back home XXXX

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