Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amy Butler Rocking Chair Make-over.

I was just wondering this morning when the last of my Amy Butler would arrive from the USA and what did my lovely postman deliver at about 1pm today?? But my fabulous material !
BUT I decided that I do not need any more clothes (shock!) nor does my daughter - and my shed is full to bursting of stash so I decided to make over my lovely rocking chair!
I have had this rocking chair since I was pregnant with Anna-Kate (Christmas present from hubby Christmas 1999). He had the choice of this blue tarten or zebra - I would have gone with the zebra but hubby is FAR more conservative than I am so he went with the blue - here is a picture of the fabric ....

Then after the make over - I am so glad I have done it matches my lounge MUCH better ! and is a project I have been meaning to do for AGES!

So now I am going to do some cushions - well tomorrow I will !!!

(Thanks Terri from the USA for the material ...and the motivation to make change!)


midnight hysteria said...

read your post on terri's group and just had to have a look ...your rocking chair is lovely ... love that amy butler, too ... and terri! LOL ... darlene

Vanessa said...

Thanks for that ! I am trying to use my material instead of just looking at it all !