Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank-you to my SP12 partner !

We came home from swimming and we found this lovely parcel waiting for us (well I really mean me !)
A bright orange dishcloth (very well knitted!) I have already used this - but used it to dust - does anyone else have pangs of guilt to use lovely cloths?
A knitting book - allegedly it is summer - and I do most of my reading in summer - so this will come in handy!
A beautiful handmade card - now hanging on my new memory board! So I see it everytime I sew!
One bead bracelet - already wearing it .... perfect colours thank-you sooooo much!
And last but definately not least a lovely scarf I am not sure if it is crocheted....but the hand work is exquisite !!!
I have hung it up in my room....once again the colour is perfect and it will be worn often !
Thank-you very much ..... off to try and find your email so I can say thank-you !!!

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