Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting ready for school ...

A lunch bag made to Anna-Kate's exact instructions. I was in a Candy swap - one of the items I made was a bag with I heart candy written on... so Anna-Kate wanted one with LOTS of hearts.
I received this fabric on Tuesday morning - Anna-Kate made her decision and it went into the wash... and now on Wednesday evening there is no more bright stripes left !
The material is really bright - very bright. Anna-Kate wont lose this bag!

The set includes a pencil case - made with scraps - not lined and closes with velcro so stiches are every where... this side says Candy to link it in with the candy theme !

This side has a heart on a pocket - not the best sewing ever - but I was getting tired...the littlies often have to take money into school so the hidden pocket is a good hiding place !

Anna-Kate posing with the backpack. Excuse the mess but my lounge is my work room !!!

On her back - on the second pink horizontal stripe there are five hearts in bright candy colours.

From the side .... Anna-Kate is still smiling so I think the set has passed the test ...

Luke was not left out - so at 9-30 this morning I went to my shed with Luke and we chose material for him.... he reallllly wanted a backpack set made from material with crocs on - but I had none. So the second choice was octopus... here is his backpack.

Luke is off out with two of his three crocs... yes he went out to play just like this - Bless him...

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