Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our visit to Great-Grandpa.

We went up to Coventry to visit Great-Grandpa the first weekend Greg was back at home. HE is in a lovely looking Nursing Home there - in a quiet village.
Here he is with his Great-Granddaughter, Anna-Kate. I made her outfit - she chose the fabric!

Greg, me, our children and Great - Grandpa. The first thing Grandpa said to me was how South African I sound (I agree after listening to my voice on Luke's camera - which can take videos!) He also liked my dress I made .... I knew he would like the fabric.... not sure how! There was an old lady sitting on the porch with Grandpa when we arrived and she was very happy that a 'young' person was sewing and crocheting (I had made another blanket for Grandpa!)

My mum, me, my littlies and Grandpa - the helicopter was a new toy from a market we popped into on the way to Coventry - Luke loves it ! I made his shorts too !! He asked for the shark material!

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