Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have had a busy Saturday....

Sigh - it is raining again. Luke and Anna-Kate are happy playing with their friends so I decided to use up some more of my fabric stash.
I eventually started to use up my Amy Butler material.... I have been too scared to use it !
Here is one of my favourites made up into my Sewing Memory board - it now sits behind my sewing machine. In my BIG tisy up I found an extra wedding invitation of ours so I have pinned that to my board!

The children were inspired by my memory board. They received a white board / cork board from Father Christmas and they have seen better days so I covered them too.

Anna-Kate chose strawberries (Boden fabric) with red ribbon.... it is already hanging in her room.

Luke had my batman material with blue ribbon - this photo shows it already hanging in his room!
My sad and tired cream sofa. Greg and I bought this sofa with the money kind people gave to us as wedding gifts. So it will be 10 years old this December!
Watch the cream cushions they are going to change colour over the next few days / weeks !
The first change ... material matches my memory board. Sherrie (my cat) was not as impressed as I was with the new cushion cover !

A close up of my cat and cushion .... more to come..... but not tonight as I will be crocheting now (after dinner!)

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