Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bag Giveaway !

I am still working on my hexagon quilt ... but I am running out of my scraps ! So I really need your help!

I am willing to swap scraps for a bag ... the scraps need to be at least three inches square and anything floral and girly !

A picture of work in progress - compreted these yesterday !

I can make you a bag like this for an envelope of fabric scraps !!!

Please leave me a comment if you can help me it would really be appreciated !!! And as we are on holiday from quilting class I have time to make lots of bags !!!

Off to trace a pattern for a summer dress for Anna-Kate today from the new Sew Hip magazine!

Chat tomorrow !


PS - any spare thoughts or prayers for my parents in law who are going through a bit of a tough time in South Africa would be appreciated.... Thank-you !


moonmamma said...

My thoughts are with your in laws Vanessa, hope they are able to find the strength they need.

now off to have a hunt through my fabric scraps for appropriately girly fabrics - woven cottons?

Anonymous said...

V, I have loads of girly wovens, email me with an idea of colours and I'll send some off.
Amanda x

Lucie said...

I'm planning to make that dress too Vanessa, lol

I will have another stash dive and see if I can find anything else for you. Any particular colours you want?


Name: Fiona said...

Send me your address - I'm due for a little sort out this week and I'm sure I've got some bits.

I'm working on an Amy Butler patchwork throw myself right now in pinks & yellows so should have some of that for you if nothing else.

Caroline said...

i have some bits too - do you need more dragon fly print as I have that as well?. Will stuff an envelope later!