Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday at Home ...

My work in progress - my hexagon quilt, I have done three of these today (my catch up from Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I am trying to do one a day. These are going to be made up from scraps of floral fabric - as well as some lilac and pink plain .... so if you have any scraps lying around you know where to send them LOL !

I am a SLOW knitter - I started this last Monday I think so not too bad (by my standards) this is just going to be a raglan cardigan for me ...

Luke took this photo of our fluffy cat (Sherry) - she puts up with a lot, when Luke is home she gets put on a bean bag and carried around the house...

Miniature daffodils - I planted these from a pot I bought for indoors a couple of winters ago ... this is their second winter outside, and they have doubled the area they take up already!

Every Sunday I am going to take a photo of this side of the garden - not much change since last week - except more yellow from the daffodils and the two rhubarb plants on this side have unfurled a little! Excuse the grass - I am trying to see if it can wait until Greg comes home!

Anna-Kate and Luke came out to play for a while. The sun did shine but it was cold!

Having a laugh together.
Then they climbed the tree - I did not move off the patio as I didn't have any shoes on !

Last photo together - then Luke climbed down to swing again.
Teasing me !! Trying to make me worried - he does flips off the swing!
Then we walked - well I walked, Luke and Anna-Kate got their bikes out for the first bike ride of the year I think ! I had to buy bread for school lunches tomorrow ....
Back to the grind stone tomorrow - well back to routine anyway, grocery shopping here I come !
Then I have to do some of my quilting course homework - doing a Celtic knot block .... need to do a lot of stitching.
Chat soon.


QuiltedSimple said...

wow look how green your grass is - ours is brown here. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

Nether said...

looks like you guys are having a great start to your gardening! :) The kids seem to be having a lot of fun outside too. Yay spring!!