Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Evening.

We have had so much fun this week with Greg (my husband) home. The sun shone all week...and continued to shine today.

We have had a busy weekend, Friday was Greg's birthday so cake was eaten ! Yesterday was Anna-Kate's ninth birthday and today is Mothering Sunday ... my little ones were so excited to give me my gifts ! I received ear rings from Luke (gold studs - fantastic!), a watch from Greg and a Willow Tree statue of a little girl holding a flower from Anna-Kate plus various homemade cards / pictures. We also spent all day together outside which was nice !

Oh dear seem to be having photo issues - will pop on tomorrow and post photos ! I have taken lots of our day out to Brokerswood - huge family gathering !!!

Have a great evening !


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E.M. Phillips said...

Happy 9th Birthday, dear Anna-Kate! Love from Uncle Robin and Auntie Elaine in very snowy Canada -- the snow melted yesterday, and then came down again with great fervour today! "Where are the songs of spring?"