Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today was a lovely day - a reminder that Spring is almost here and Summer is not far away.
Greg took the children to an Animal Park today - here are my two monkeys climbing in a tree.

Aren't they precious? They had a great day out today. Back to school tomorrow though.

Homework I had to finish for Friday - stained glass window block - may make a quilt in these colours - I am still thinking about it ...
The Celtic Knot block is finished - may do another type of this one to get the stained glass effect too !

Completed this one a while back - just removed the freezer paper and tacking now ...
Anna-Kate's birthday bag - I am going to wrap all her presents and put them in it !

There are lots of pockets inside and out ... for her laptop, ds lite and bits and bobs.

All my daffodils bloomed in the sunshine - lovely and bright !
And two daffodils in my back garden.
My crochet shawl I have finished it just need to weave in the ends.
My back garden is growing the daffodils are still yellow, the rose bushes are sprouting, the lillies are coming up and my rhubarb is getting bigger !! Yeah !
Now I am crocheting a shrug - I should be doing another Japanese fold block - but I don't feel like it !!!
Will chat soon - very hectic here at the moment with Greg here !
HUGS xxxx


Lynsey said...

How long is Greg home for?
Everything looks fab as always V. And love the Daffoldils, I have some sitting in a vase but none in the garden...I must get out there and give it some TLC to be honest!
Enjoy your greg time xxx

QuiltedSimple said...

Wow you've gotten lots done. Love the bag - very springy!