Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday !

Another day closer to hubby coming home ! Have just spoken to him on the phone.

Have had a busy day today - remembering swimming kit and PE kit.... finding school shoes and trainers... and that was before 9am. Then off to Tescos for the weekly grocery shop - feel a little better as have begun Anna-Kate's birthday shopping. Threw in some Easter Eggs too.
This is what I am working on today. My hexagon quilt....in floral scraps.
Anyway - I am starving after my run (3kms in 32minutes.... hahah no marathon runner here I am afraid !)
Keep crafting!
Vanessa XXXX


Anonymous said...

You are a great mummy, I always look forward to read about you and Anna-Kate and Luke.
Weather is changing in Tripoli, we've had two lovely, sunny days.

Kristin said...

The quilt is coming along nicely!! :) I can't wait to see it finished. :)