Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lovely Weekend.

Well the birthday weekend began on Friday - it was Greg's birthday - here he is opening one of his presents ... Greg had a busy day on Friday as it was one of his last days here ... and we knew we would be busier on Saturday !
Then on Saturday it was Anna-Kate's 9th birthday (I am not sure how that happened as she was only a baby yesterday !!!) We spent the day at Brokerswood and we have so many photos as one of her presents was a bright pink camera.
My two on the sofa together - with no fighting - you see they do love each other deep down !!
Here Anna-Kate is with her new bag on her lap. I made her a bag for her birthday then filled it with her other presents and wrapped it up so it looked like she only had one gift ... but she didn't rise to it! I sewed a brownie badge onto the front of the bag - one she received for going on a Brownie sleepover - she could sew it onto her sleeping bag - but not on her sash so I put it on her new bag as the colours matched perfectly !Her birthday present from her Grandparents in South Africa - just to let you know Granny and Grandad she wore this t-shirt on Saturday to Brokerswood AND on Sunday - I have managed to get it into the wash now though !
I will post pictures of the wood later as I had better make sure my 2 are getting ready for school !
HUGS - Chat soon XXXX

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