Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brokerswood Continued.

Granny and Granddaughter together. Waiting for the boys.
My model - Anna-Kate was enjoying all the cameras which were around !
Can you see how high Luke was climbing ? He told me he has no fear of heights - he lets me worry about those things !
We all came across a see-saw and of course everyone had to have a go on it.
After a few goes on the see-saw and we found a stream ... with lots of frogs in... my two loved it !
Luke was catching the frogs and holding them I was so surprised seeing as he would run away screaming from spiders !

My model (again) and in the background Luke is looking for more frogs !

Tomorrow I will post more photos taken by my brother...some lovely photos.
Chat tomorrow then ! XXXX

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Ariad said...

Lovely...don't you just love frogs.