Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Swap Received .... Full of Chocolatey Goodness!

The postman has just rung the bell and he gave me this Big, White Box.So I dropped my crocheting, grabbed my camera, a pair of scissors and opend the box. Inside the Big, White Box I found four elephants all snuggled up inside.
Here they are all sat together. The elephants each represent a member of my family. Anna-Kate is the brown one, Greg (my hubby) is the brown spotty one, I am the white one and Luke (my son) is the blue spotty one.We love them - they are sitting on my bed as we speak.
I LOVE this fabric - so I LOVE this bag and will use it ALL the time !
An action shot of all the candy ! YUMMY !!!!! I am afraid that the smores bar has already vanished and the BUG Hershey bar has already shrunk.... Oh and those 2 lovely pencils have also disappeared .... I think I will have to search my daughter's pencil case later !!! The beads will come in handy too ! Have I said how much I LOVE beads ??
And a WHOLE collection of fibre and a drop spindle ..... another new hobby to try ASAP !!!!
So I have had great fun with this swap.
Here is what I sent to my partner in America - a crocheted granny square bag (lined). Along with an ear warmer, a Wiltshire recipie book, a crocheted owl, a scarf and removeable flower badges - plus loads of English choclate.

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