Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shopping for Shoes.

My baby sister is in England (from South Africa). So today we went to town. I think we visited ALL the charity shops in town.
I came home with two LOVELY pairs of high heels - I don't own ANY high heels so now I do !
I also found two brown and green mugs from Truro I will use them to hold my crochet hooks. And of course a shopping spree would not be complete with out more sewing / quilting books to add to my growing collection.

Abs and I had a lovely day shopping.

I am now making a chicken pie for supper and making Christmas presents - photos to follow after Christmas Day !

Now had better go and referee a heated discussion about where we are going on Sunday - it sounds like it is zoo vs aquarium !

Have a great evening.

Chat tomorrow XXXX

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