Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Homage(??) to Halloween ....

This is not my favourite holiday - I suppose it is because I do not know much about it - except what you see in the shops !
Anna-Kate is not here she has left for brownie camp and I am feeling very unsettled about that !
She went off really well though - well after a little hic cup as the car park I thought we were to meet in actually has another name (the official name and the name by which it is known are very different!)!! So I accousted an innocent man and double checked the situation with him and he assured me that lots of coaches meet people at this car park .... luckily we then saw more brownies then so were relieved.
After dropping Anna-Kate off we went to town and bought more videos for the kiddies so Luke is happy. Well until he came in from the conservatory as he was shaking so much !! He meant shivering.... the conservatory is not heated as we have to leave a window open for the cats and sometimes leave the door open for the dog too... Bless him I would have taken his sleeping bag in there to him had I known he was so cold .
But I was too caught up in carving the pumpkin ! We have not had too many trick or treaters this evening and I did not take Luke out ... I pursuaded him to stay in and scare the trick or treaters instead ....have loads of sweets left thank goodness I boughts sweets I don't really like !

The pumpkin ... ready to sit in the window and scare everyone !

My resident ghost / skeleton. Luke all dressed up and also ready to scare the children in our street !

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