Friday, November 07, 2008

Great Post, Baby Blanket and Luke.

This has taken a week I think... you can see the squares / diamond shapes - it is almost the size of my carpet. Anne would like it to fit a single bed for her new grandaughter so I am trying to make it more rectangular. Very pastely and pink I think.

Another great post day - received the I love fall swap ... At the top is a large piece of knit fabric - may try to turn it into a gathered / swing type top. On top of the fabric is a stuffed, felt leave, it is on my ornament table now, the leafy fabric is a cushion cover - I love this as it has all of my favourite colours on. On top is a fabric covered diary - perfect for list making - with three red buttons on the front as decoration. And right at the front is a flip folder with a bird on the front, perfect for my quilting course notes.

I love this parcel too.

This is what I sent my partner - a harvest recipie book, a crocheted string bag with autumanl colour beads, a string of crocheted Eastern birds with the same beads, an ear warmer with a fancy name (which I always forget !) and a cascading (twirly) scarf. I think I threw in an English choccie bar and some hot choc too at the last minute !

While I was taking photos of the baby blanket - I caught Luke folding paper aeroplanes again. He has been making paper aeroplanes for at least 6 weeks now ... my recycling bin knows all about it !

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