Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Happy Friend.

A very happy friend of mine (from my good old working days !) telephoned me on Saturday asking for another baby blanket. As she is expecting a grandchild or two in the next few months! She asked if I would crochet her another blanket. I have made her a big granny square in the past - of course I said yes. I was going to do lots of small granny squares .... but the weaving in of threads made me think again.... so I put a little spin on the original granny square and started with a circle. This is what I have done so far ....
It is to fit a single bed eventually. More work to be done.
Anna-Kate came home just after 9pm last night. She had a lot of fun ! Doing things that I would have worried about !!! Abseiling, going down a zip wire, climbing up a wall, trampolining ...and so much more I can not remember everything. She managed to get the top bunk (she was worried about that !) and ate really well - even ate a bowl of leek soup. I have asked her for a list of what she had there so I can buy it !! At home she is sooooo fussy ! But I think I will just get strict !
I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Ours was very quiet.
Chat soon.

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