Friday, February 06, 2009

The Big Snow Continues.

As I was going to bed last night I did notice that it had begun to snow (again!)
We woke up to really thick snow (for us!) Bu we continued on as normal ...

This is the view out of my bedroom window this morning ! Fairy like I think.
On the walk to school - we were alone the whole journey I think ! You can see how deep the snow is Luke is up to his ankles I think !
Luke next to a little stream ...the snow was sooo thick down the banks.
I think this is when I should have guessed that school would be closed ! Empty !!!! There are usually a lot of school children running about here and there is a very busy road there too !
Trees - I love trees .... you should see how many photos I took of trees and bushes ...
My boy walking alone again - it was VERY quiet !
Walking towards the bridge You can not even see the path....
More trees and bushes !
My house ! Well it is the house in the middle behind the cluster of bushes !! This is the area I look out on from my bedroom window. It is where the children play in summer too.
Our snowman. We built him / her / it ???? As soon as we came back from our walk to school !
My plants in the front garden... the lavender trying to survive!
My sunflowers from last summer - I left them all up and the 'wild life' has really loved them !!
The pond which is also behind our house, was iced over .... but the ice broke if you threw a snow ball in it !
My baby lavender - I grew this from seed .. the only one to survive ! I hope it survives the snow!
But I have finished my 8 point star today - for quilt group tomorrow (if I go!) and have started crazy patchwork !
Off to make my dinner now - hope you enjoyed my photos !!!!
Vanessa XXXX


Lisa Boyer said...

Wow! Amazing pix! But this is the only way I want to see snow, okay?? I'll just visit it on your blog. I've heard it's pretty chilly stuff....

Alan said...

Lovely pictures!!! Here in Tripoli, the sun is shining and we are sitting outside having a 'braai'.
Enjoy your day and weekend in the snow. I LOVE snow!!!