Monday, February 09, 2009

The Weekend Draws to a Close ...

We did not get up to much mischief this weekend - as my car is still 'snowed' in - I use the term loosely as it is 'only' a few inches deep - but our shovel is hidden in the depths of hubby's garage and I am not 'digging' in there for it !!!
It has rained a little today so hopefully that will help the snow melt !
This is Luke on the way to the shops ! We walked to the shop on Saturday as I decided not to drive into Bradford-Upon-Avon for Anna-Kate's swimming lesson.
One of my favourite trees ! The sun was shining and the snow was sparkling.
My two monkeys not listening to Mummy and running down the hill - I was expecting a fall at any minute !
My wellington boots - I actually have not worn them as much as I thought I would ! I love the spots and RED !!!
While I was taking the photo of my boots my little man slipped on this patch of ice ! He did not expect it to be so slippery !! The ice was a couple of inches thick and they pretended to ice skate.
My two are running in the 'forest' they are in there somewhere ! I wasn't just taking photos of the trees! I promise !
The trees - what can I say ? LOL !
Today Anna-Kate tidied her room - on her own, with out me nagging, do you think she wants her pocket money????
I drew triangles today onto my precious freezer paper, cut them out and ironed them onto triangles I had already cut out years ago !!
And I have started to sort out some of my fabric piled around my house !!!
Chat tomorrow !

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Kit said...

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for linking to my blog!
I'm very envious of all the snow there. We've been soaring over 40C here and the kids would love to play in some snow to cool off!