Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Term Again.

So it is half term again. Monday began with the usual dose of grocery shopping. Anna-Kate spent her pocket money and Luke was sensible and is still saving his.
Today we went to Brokerswood. It was fantastic. We had a lovely time - sorry I went a little overboard on all the photos - the joy of digital cameras !

Luke amongst the trees. We had just left the car park and managed to dodge the first play area !
Still walking ! In the background you will see all the ducks and geese hurrying towards us for food.
I bought two bags of duck food - these went a LONG way ! Here is our first of three stops to feed the ducks and geese. The birds enjoyed the food but were not too comfy with us - which is good. I hate to see wild animals too comfortable around us humans !

We all stopped at the bench to take photos. Here's Luke and I - taken by Anna-Kate. Anna-Kate was taken by the fact that all the benches in the Wood are donated as are some of the trees in memory of people who have passed. We had discussions about their names and their lives. It was lovely actually. One couple had a tree dedicated to themselves and their dogs - I bet they had some lovely walks in these woods.
Anna-Kate and I sharing a moment - caught by Luke !
Jumping for joy !

We arrived at the playground at about 10-30 and no one else was around so I was able to take a few more photos! Here is Anna-Kate coming down the slide....
And at the bottom of the slide...
Then we followed the adventure trail. Where you walk a little way and find a piece of play equipment to stop and play on ! Here they are right at the top of the climbing frame !
The see-saw didn't really work for the two of them ... so I had to have a go !
And off we went again ....

Anna-kate hanging from a piece of equipment which looked like a huge hamster wheel ! Luckliy it did not actually turn !
Walking side by side. Luke insisted on carrying his own lunch !

Anna-Kate lost her trainer in the mud ! I tried to talk her into wearing boots but she can not run in boots so opted to wear her old trainers instead ! Luke wore his new boots !
We were alone for most of our walk ! Had a lovely time listening to the birds.
The second feeding of the ducks. We sat here for our picnic lunch. Many moons ago we sat here and had a BBQ with old family friends (Nick and Jackie!) I can not remember if I was pregnant with Luke or if he was with us !!

One of the big trees we saw on our muddy walk !
The walk ended with one more feeding of the ducks / geese - two bags of duck food went a long way !
I had promised the two littlies an ice cream each so we went to the last play area for one last play and an ice-cream.
We were back home in the afternoon - and the littlies let me sew for the rest of the day !!!
I have great children !
Chat soon XXXX
Vanessa very contented today !


QuiltedSimple said...

How pretty! Looks like a fabulous day for a walk

Kristin said...

What a beautiful walk out in nature. :) I absolutely love the photos. We went on a hike for Valentines day. Your photos make me want to get out and do it again today. :)