Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to keep fit ...

is hard work !

I walk the children to and from school and since Saturday have started running every afternoon.

Today I made it up to 1.55km ... but I think I will stay there for a day or two as that was hard work ! As soon as I can run 2kms comfortably I will be happy !

So today I worked on my applique - sewed on two more petals - doubt it will be finished for Friday at this rate LOL !

I put one more hexagon flower together (and hope to do another one after dinner.)

I also continued knitting... it has grown to 20 something cms and needs to be 29cms before I move on to shaping it !

Making dinner at the moment then homework time, bath time and finally bed time !!!!

The week goes by so quickly ! Soon it will be the weekend again !

Chat tomorrow !



Kristin said...

Way to go with the running! I have a goal of being able to run regularly by the end of the year. I used to run track and loved it. :)


E.M. Phillips said...

Hang in there, sister-in-law! I'm right behind you. I started walking (well, walking briskly, since I walk everywhere already) and (reluctantly) running a little bit a few months ago. Since it's still snowy out (minus 30ยบC this past weekend), I walk at an indoor track in the winter. Robin does too! :) Hugs to all the UK Phillipses from the Canadian duo.