Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Little Bit Rattled Today

I decided to drive the children to school this morning - Anna-Kate had to get a cheque in early for her brownie camp, as it was a first come, first served kind of thing. If we walk we miss Brown Owl but if we drive we pass right by her ...

I was beginning to regret my decision on our drive way when I SLID down the driveway while scraping the ice off the windows ...

But I had promised Anna-Kate - so I continued on my task.

We went up our road all OK - just very slowly turned onto the second road which is downhill and kept on going down past the stop street - out onto the busy MAIN road !

But luckily there were NO cars on the BUSY road - how amazing ... I was only going at about 5 miles an hour so was able to turn right, but then again I lost control and my little car went wibbly wobbly ...

Someone was watching over me and the children though we managed to get control of the car and went really slowly up the hill to school.

We gave in the cheque and Anna-Kate WILL be going on camp on the 13th of March after all.

The school was so ICY the children went in the FRONT door (a big honour!) and went straight to class ... Luke and I were first in his class so we had some fun doing maths!

Came home REALLY slowly .... and did what came naturally ......CRAFTS !!!

I made the gifts for a birthday swap I am in (can't show pics yet!), finished Luke's granny square blanket and am working on converting a knitting pattern to crochet for a wrap top !

Now am watching a cooking programme, which will be followed by testing the children on spelling, then bath time - then wine o' clock!!!!

Phew !

Chat tomorrow - sorry no pics today !



Lucie said...

Oh my goodness!!! So glad nothing awful happened to you all.

QuiltedSimple said...

So glad you and the kids are safe! That must've been an interesting drive! Have a good day tomorrow!