Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday Already?

Where has the time gone !

I went grocery shopping this morning, as the snow has gone.... for now ... The rain settled in for a while - but for now it is just cold.

Worked on my crazy patchwork block today, I think, I may be getting faster hand stitching, not too sure though !

Have joined another quilting group and have to do another block - hope to get to it by the weekend.

Went to Anna-Kate's brownie evening tonight. They had an introduction for Thinking Day. Anna-Kate will be going to the Church Parade on the 22nd of Feb as she has to learn that Brownies have responsibilities - it isn't all about fun !

Phoned Hubby when we came home to see if he will be home to take her to a sleep over in Salisbury. Yeah he can come home for that, for the Brownie Family Quiz night and for Anna-Kate's birthday ! Great timing!

Going to watch Master Chef in a minute then off to bed to read Jodi Picoult's new book ...

I will take photos tomorrow - have to charge my camera's batteries...

HUGS - Vanessa

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