Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday Off School !

Today was another Snow Day. It snowed all morning. I got up at 6am (as usual) then looked out at all the snow and wondered if shcool would be open or not ...
I tried to listen to a local radio station - but listened to the wrong one so heard all the wrong schools. Eventually I made the decision to keep the children at home as we waded through the snow yesterday only to find out it was closed ...

I phoned hubby in Africa to see what he thought - he said to keep them at home.... but by 7 ish I was getting nervous so telephoned my friend who would know and she said that the school was definitely closed so - that was that we stayed at home !
Luke and I stayed inside nice and warm - Anna-Kate went outside for a little while - to try and build a snow man but it was too miserable so she came in after terrorising me with some snow. These photos were taken from my warm and cozy crafting area !!
I worked on my crazy patchwork square today - also tidied up some of the toys in the playroom. Luke and Anna-Kate are growing out of some of the toys now - so they will go to the next Charity Shop which posts a plastic envelope through my door !

Made this 8 point square this week for my quilting class which was cancelled today due to the bad weather !
Hope you all have a great evening !
I will be handstitching until my eyes give in LOL !
Chat Soon XXXX

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QuiltedSimple said...

So glad you had a fun and productive day! Glad you got some sewing in!