Monday, February 23, 2009

No Photos...

Had a funny day today ! Went for my second run today - I WILL be fit soon !

Then tidied up a little - but I seem to have more clutter than ever lying around - plus my 10 big black bags awaiting Charity bags - have two charities coming around on Wednesday so they will be gone then !

The children went to play next door for a while. While I made a few hexagon 'flowers'. I will take photos tomorrow morning. I have made 6 so far - all of floral fabric scraps! I should be doing my applique flower but not enjoying it so procrastinating a little.

Then at quarter past 2 we walked up to the Church on the island - as we call it . Today is thinking day - for Brownies. Anna-Kate is a Brownie and we went as I am teaching her that she has responsibilities as a Brownie - it isn't all about sleep overs and camps !

Came home, made dinner and am now watching Dancing on Ice.

I may crochet now as I am trying to make Birthday presents !

HUGS to all.

Chat tomorrow.


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QuiltedSimple said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Have a great evening!