Sunday, February 01, 2009

Everything is Growing !

This is my homework for my quilting / patchwork classes. I still need to do one more round of the triangles... maybe a dark round or a floral round we will see - it depends on the colour I use for the surround.

This is the log cabin quilt I am working on. It is made out of pillow cases. It will be used as a playmat once I am all done.

My pile of granny squares is growing too - will add to this pile tonight.

My son is growing his front tooth is wobbling and he likes to terrorise me wobbling it to and fro eeeeekkkkkk.... the tooth is not out yet.
This is the sky over our house this morning - beautiful.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We tidied up this morning, then went off to swimming lessons after which I spent some time with my sewing machine. While Anna-Kate did her homework with me.
Sunday will be a little busier as Luke has a party out in the next village ...
Chat soon.

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