Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow !

Yes - we have had lots of snow .... the children had a whale (wale?) of a time playing in the snow ...
I took this picture of my holly tree just as I was leaving to go on the school run.This is one of my favourite big trees on the school run route - there is a small amount of snow caught in the branches....
Anna-Kate with a snow ball .... she did throw it at Luke seconds later !
Here Anna-Kate is smiling at her mother - the snow was all in her hair ...
Luke with a snow ball .
Luke throwing a snow ball.
Duck !
The snow kept on falling - in fact it is still falling now !
Snow angels - these have just about disappeared already with all the new snow ! The little ones stayed outside for ages Anna-Kate managed to build a tiny snowman.
We are all warm now. I have sorted out three bags of 'stuff' to give to a charity shop on Thursday - love decluttering!
Chat tomorrow!

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