Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday ...

I decided this morning to tidy out the shed. It is chock a block FULL of all my crafting goodies. Here is a photo of some of the mess that was in my clean lounge ! I have three huge boxes of fleece...

By this time I was so tired and just wanted to wave a magic wand to clear it all up ! But it is all sorted out now - it to cotton (ish), knits, fleece and flannel. Plus a whole bag full of denim - to make bags / quilt with ... I also have TEN black bags for charity now ... all at the bottom of the stairs will have to hide them in my room soon - just having a rest !

I finished this hand pieced block on Friday - just have to remove the tacking and paper and give it a good pressing.
My homework for this week - an applique flower .... still lots of work to do on this block.
My 8 point star taken in better light !
My crazy patchwork block - I am hand quilting it at the moment !
And half a block down another half is work in progress ... made from pillowcases !!
Have a great Sunday all !
We are having a quiet Sunday afternoon Luke is building more cat houses made out of card board boxes ... and Anna-kate is pplaying computer games..
Chat soon XXXX


QuiltedSimple said...

You made great progress! Love your crazy block - and all your blocks really. Have a great day!

Krista said...

Your pieces are beautiful! handstitching to me is a lesson in patience! I love that you are doing it the old timey way.