Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fabulous Friday !

Wow - so much can happen in one day !
Woke up - as you do ! - and got the kiddies ready for school. Then sat down to sew my strips of fabric together. Need to do more sometime this week (if I have time!)
Dash off to my quilting class - via two charity shops. Bought 6 Scooby Doo videos for the children from Oxfam and then went over to the Hospice shop and bought an embroidery book. I looked on the floor and saw 10 folders FULL of the Golden Hands magazines. So I am so happy now.
Went to class - which was not as successful as usual. So have homework to do!

Then hubby phoned while I was there to tell me the strange sound which has been there off and on for ages is the gear box and something else and will cost OVER £1200 PLUS VAT ! So he bought me a new car. This had to be rushed as he is off to Syria tomorrow !

Then we went out for a lovely meal. So I am sat on the sofa FULL and have NO energy to move !

But have LOADS to do so need to move ASAP !

Have a GREAT crafting weekend !

Chat soon.

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joyce said...

Very busy you are!...
Happy Crafty Weekend to you...I need to catch up on rest but hopefully I can get some crafty things going...

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