Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Cupboards are Bare.

I usually go grocery shopping every Monday morning. So Up I get this morning, shower myself and bath the children - get all ready to go and do the grocery shopping. But my poor old car can not even reverse out of the driveway ! We kept on going forward... so now I am bumper to bumper with Greg's car.

I had to go to the shops though as Anna-Kate is off camping this weekend. We decided to walk in to town and actually we all had great fun going around the charity shops and pound shops. With a few clothes shops thrown in.

I think Anna-Kate is just about kitted out for this camp.

Then I came home to make something for a swap I am in and now do not have enough wool to finish the project.

So not a great Monday. But not too bad either as we all had a lovely walk and talk this morning.
I even had a nap this afternoon !

Chat tomorrow ! I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.

Happy crafting.

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