Friday, October 24, 2008

Tuesday to Thursday.

Where has this week gone? The saying time flies when you are having fun is really true. Greg is home until Saturday - just a flying visit as he has to go to Syria while waiting for his Libyan visa to be renewed.
Greg's friends from Libya sent me a present - two china candle holders - which is really a funny coincidence as I have just started to burn candles again - so yesterday we bought some Christmas / wintery smelling candles from Ikea - will light a candle tonight. They are lovely and look great in my tidy lounge .
Yesterday after taking the children to school (which apparently is sooooo emabrressing to have BOTH your parents take you to school - so says my 8 year old!) we dashed off to Ikea and Toys R Us. We bought loads - coffee tables, bits and bobs to try and organise all my clutter. I know I am a minimalist deep down inside - but mix that with a hoarder as I may need something one day!
So after spending loads of money at Ikea and eating my 15 meatballs we went to Toys R Us trying to get some ideas for Anna-Kate. Once again I could have bought loads for Luke but still no ideas for Anna-Kate (Bindeez are half price there - so bought some...for madam.)

The orchid we bought from Ikea - as my orchid has just lost its last pink flower. So now I have two orchids!
Today I had to reclaim my lounge - so all my sewing stuff went into the dining room and I have my lounge back.
I have picked up Luke's crochet blanket again - just a big granny square in red, white and blue - it is inspired by spiderman - to match his bedroom. So have managed to do a few rounds of the blanket.
Tomorrow is week 6 of my quilting course so I have also cut some one and a half inch strips of material. Since hubby is here to help will quickly sew them together tomorrow morning.

I used Ikea material bought the last time we went to Ikea - not this time !
I also made this little blue bird - I have not looked on the internet to see if there are similar ones out there but it is just a ball with wings and a beak !

Sitting at the base of a fir tree.
I have also finished some Christmas presents but can not put pics up as the people they are for visit my blog !

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