Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My son told me this evening that he spent his last play time making paper aeroplanes for all his friends. I had to chuckle as my Dad used to make paper aeroplanes at school break times too. I found a wonderful book about making paper aeroplanes for Luke and he carries it around all the time. I dread going into his room now as he took a wad of paper up with him.

This evening he actually ASKED me to read with me so he can get better at reading. So fingers crossed we may have turned the corner with his reading.

We read his book together, he has improved so much but is still struggling - at least he recognises all the letters now. Then we moved on to maths and we whizzed through that - so I am a happy mum tonight.

Today I worked on block 4 - done a little more but not too much more ... I have tacked down another 1/4 of a block and sewed its top layer properly.

Then moved on to a Christmas Stocking Swap I am in. Stocking is done - now I have to collect all the presents to go in (I have them already - they are just hidden from the children.)

Having an early night tonight - as I am reading a good book - the latest James Patterson paperback.

Have a great evening everyone.

Chat tomorrow.

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