Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just wanted to show you my 'homework'.

I was able to get quite a lot done yesterday ... which is a surprise really seeing as both my lovely children have insisted on waking up at 5-30 AM !! No reason why they are in different bedrooms on different sides of the house - it is very dark at that time so no idea why they are waking so

Today I hope to finish the block on the right and then I have to cut out the rest of the blocks today as well.

Not sure how much work I will get done this evening though as Luke is off to a story time at school beginning at 6pm. He has to go in pajamas ... he did make me laugh though as the refreshments being offered are - hot choclate, warm milk, cold milk and squash. He told me he would not have the squash as he doesn't like to eat it ! He thought it was butternut squash on offer ! I tried to explain to him that squash was juice but he wasn't so sure !
The school have been having a book week - on Tuesday it was book character day - Anna-Kate went as a Queen Fairy (but people thought she was Friday Fairy from the same series of books) and Luke went as Peter Pan but people thought he was Robin Hodd - and he was REALLY offended about this !
Showing the pipe cleaners in her hair and the bun.
Oh mum do you have to take photos of me so early in the morning ?

Posing as Peter Pan !
They had great fun and were all dressed and ready to go to school by 7 !! Unfortunately we only leave at 8-20 ish !

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