Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Sunday in.

Today the clocks have gone back an hour. So technically I should have had an extra hour in bed, but someone forgot to tell my children to say in bed ! Although to give them their due they did let me sleep until 7 ! But 6 really after the clocks went back.
We stayed in our pajamas for ages as I simply forgot the time getting stuck into my (5th???) block.
So I took this Ikea fabric -

cut it into one and a half inch strips, sewed them back together, cut them into strips again and sewed them back together so a piece of material twice this width became .....

I then cut this fabric into four, 6 and a quarter inch squares and voila I made the block - but I have forgotten to take a photo of it. Will try to remember to take pics tomorrow.
Then I made my second item for my blog swap .... (hint) it has got something to do with the above fabric !
I am now working on the third item for the above mentioned swap.... and I have another idea bouncing around in my head !
While I was being crafty Luke was doing wizardry ....
Here he is with his cauldron, magic book and wand ... oh I think there are some potion bottles there too!

Putting a spell on you all !!!

Have a lovely Sunday evening.
Chat soon.


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