Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Update.

No photos today again I am afraid as the two objects I have made yesterday and today are for a blog based swap.
Very exciting ! Have to really brain storm for this swap as it is based around Gold, Frankensence and Myrh (spelling of the last two???)

Greg went to Syria for three weeks today. We are not too sad as the children now realise that Greg does come back every time ! And we will see him in three weeks. Luke was also distracted as he had a swimming party this afternoon. My boy spent an hour in the water - OK he did not go under water but he even jumped in three times!
Anna-Kate was allowed to swim too - I was going to let her give up - but after seeing her doing the butterfly while she was playing in the water I am going to encourage her to swim. She looked like a little dolphin.

Anna-Kate is off on her second brownie camp next weekend, she is very excited about that.
She wants to try archery but is scared she will die trying ! So I have assured her she will be quite safe!

My brother ran the Snowdonia marathon this weekend - I have heard that he is still alive and well. I am very proud of him and a wee bit jealous as that is something I would love to do. Maybe in the new year I will think about it again.

I am watching Strictly come dancing with my little boy. Anna-Kate has joined us on the sofa now so we are altogether.

Must go have a jumper for me on my crochet hook - and have many ideas bouncing around in my head to try !

Happy Weekend.

Chat soon.

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