Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday was a busy day!

Well I knew the children's rooms were a bit untidy but WOW ! 4 or 5 black bin bags FULL of rubbish and 4 or 5 bags FULL for charity ! All cleared out for Christmas now. Tomorrow we are hitting the playroom. I hope to send some of the toys up to Luke's room and send some more the Charity shops way !
Yesterday at my patchwork class I made a square using a sewing machine... very quick ! Will take photos tomorrow. Hope to have finished the 'objects' I am working on for a Christmas swap today too. So tomorrow morning (after ambushing the rather untidy play room) I will take some photos and show you!
We have a surprise on Tuesday and the children don't know that Greg is coming home ! Only for 2 - 3 days but I have managed to persuade him that I NEED to go to Ikea for storage !
HE said I must not spend £70 as the past 3 or 4 visits I have spent in the £70's .... I hasten to add this is over about 5 years ! So I said (calmly) OK dear I will spend £100 - he did splutter then !
Have a great evening all !

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Lucie said...

Oooh, exciting!!! Hope you have a lovely couple of days and have funat Ikea too!! Well done on the clear-out. We're in the process of a whole house clear out. I love it until we're about halfway through and then I wonder why I was stupid enough to start. But when it's finished it's great!! Linked you on my blog btw, hope that's ok??


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