Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Week Three - is VERY hard !

What I have done this morning ...

Step One - trace all triangles onto Freezer Paper (all 32 of them!)
- then cut out all of the triangles.

Here are all 32 triangles cut out of Freezer Paper .... please can we start to stock it in Supermarkets in the UK?

Step Two - Iron 32 triangles onto selected fabric .... hope I chose the right colour combination.

Light beige, Amy Butler pink and browns and a light pink.

Step three - cut out all the 32 triangels AGAIN !

Step 4 - have sewn together SIX triangles all in a row !! That is all !!!

With the seam ironed back.... Hope it looks OK - must change the grey cotton it is a little dark I think.

Going to pack all my quilting goodies away now - so I can crochet.

It is also Brownies this evening so Mummy duties come first !

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