Friday, October 31, 2008

I have had a great day !

Well after all my worrying yesterday / last night / this morning.... I have my new car in my driveway.
She is lovely ! As my son says she drives very smoothly ! I think I am in love .... don't ask me the type as I will sound like a blonde and tell you it is a blue car ... a lovely metallic blue ! I think she is a Cleo.
And my poor red car has gone off to car heaven as it will cost far too much for anyone to fix her.
She worked so hard for my family and in a silly way I will miss her.
I have also completed my second seminole block. Much blood, sweat but no tears were shed during the making of this block ! To get the corners all to meet drove me crazy !!!

As you can see this is my experimentation with pink phase. (And ignore all the threads please !) This measures just a bit bigger than 12 and a half inches square so will fit in with the rest of my blocks.
Last night I made a camara case for my digital camara as Anna-Kate is going to borrow it for her brownie camp this weekend. It is just single crochet (US) or double crochet (UK), with beads attached as a closure.

Quick pattern (US) make a chain of 16, SC in the third chain from hook (first 2 chains make first stitch) sc down your chain - will be 14 sc, then make another sc in the last chain - turn your chain and do 14 down the other side of chain - make another SC in last chain, I do not join to the first SC I just go around and around until it covered my camara. Then decided I had done enough then did 14 sc back and forth on one side to form the flap - when it is long enough stop.
Made a chain of about 15 joined with slip stich and sewed it on the flap. Joined the beads in the right place to flip through the hoop.... and there you go ! Hope it protects my camara !
And now I am deciding what I am going to do next. I need to use up my 'wool' stash - I say 'wool' but most is acrylic so I am thinking about making some toys for Christmas...

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