Friday, October 31, 2008

A Crocheted Alien.

I was browsing the internet and found this little alien - The eye isn't quite right as I was too lazy to get up and look for my blue and black wool.
While looking for patterns to use up all the stash I found a pattern for the mutant ninja turtles... I must try and make them up for Luke ... or my nephew .... will have to work in the evenings though ....

Off to bed as I am shattered. Will someone please tell my children that the clocks have gone back! They keep on getting up at 5-30 sigh .... 6-30 was bad enough ! Especially as it is half term and I would love a lie in !

Not sure if I will get a lie in tomorrow though as Anna-Kate is off on Brownie camp and she will be nagging me to get everything ready !!!

Chat soon !

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